Electoral Campaign

When our people vote, we have power. The power to protect our lives, our homes, our neighborhoods, and our families. The power to change this country.


We are a statewide coalition of people-focused organizations aimed at empowering hard-working Floridians to achieve their version of the American dream and build a Florida For All. This means ensuring that we stand with candidates that believe in investing in Floridians because when that happens, our collective potential is limitless to build a better future. These candidates are focused on the real issues facing the people of our state like lowering the cost of housing and health care, increasing wages, fighting for equal rights for all, and ensuring all Floridains have the freedom to live their own American Dream.

Current Campaign

The current campaign is centered around defeating candidates that don’t put Floridians first while garnering support for new elected leaders who will solve problems to put people first and build a Florida For All.

Our Victories

Since 2016, Florida for All – a partnership of Florida Rising, SEIU Florida, Florida Immigrant Coalition Votes, Dream Defenders Action, and Faith in Florida Action – has built and run a large scale electoral and organizing program focused on turnout for voters of color, young people, and women across the state.

Amendment 4

In 2018, we knocked nearly 1.7 million doors in 10 counties, made nearly 450,000 phone calls, and activated almost 15,000 volunteers and activists across the state—resulting in high turnout of those low-propensity voters we engaged, helping 70 of our 100 endorsed candidates win victory and supporting the historic approval of Amendment 4 to restore voting rights to 1.4 million returning citizens.

$15 minimum wage

In 2020, despite the pandemic we knocked on 1.3 million doors and activated a large-scale virtual organizing program that made 18.1 million phone calls and sent 6.3 million texts, resulting in conversations with 1,240,415 voters that helped turn out over 300,000 first time voters in our universe. Our effort helped pass the first $15 minimum wage in the South and win victory in 95 out of 132 races in which we endorsed, including local champions like Miami Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava, Orange-Osceola State Attorney Monique Worrell, and State Representatives Angie Nixon and Anna Eskamani.

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