Florida For All embraces the intersections of our lived experiences. We expose the corporate greed behind bad policy, and center long-ignored communities as we build collective power around collective goals

Our policy goals center three key issue areas

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Community Wealth

We believe in prosperity for our people and an economy that works for us all. We work collectively to pass policy and public budgets that invest in people’s prosperity, not corporations or billionaires who write big campaign contribution checks to elected leaders. This includes ensuring corporations pay what they owe in taxes and ensuring transparency and accountability in our budgets. We believe in investing public dollars in policies like affordable housing, universal childcare, fair wages, healthcare, energy freedom, and public education. Working families are the engine of our economy; we believe in worker power, and that every worker has a right to be paid, protected, and respected.
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Defending Democracy

A prosperous state is one where every eligible voter has access to the ballot box. Where direct democracy, our constitution, and ballot initiatives are accessible to everyday people, and where local communities can pass the local laws that they deserve to be healthy, prosperous, and safe. We are committed to defending our fundamental right to elect those who will represent us, to pass statewide constitutional amendments via ballot initiatives, and pass local laws that serve the unique demands of our communities.
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Public Safety

Florida has a mass incarceration problem. Our criminal justice system is rooted in Jim Crow Laws, and that dark era continues to plague us today. Under the fake-banner of “Law and Order” and “Tough on Crime,” we see little enforcement of laws for corporate tax evaders and corrupt politicians; while peaceful protestors, LGBTQ+ people, immigrants, women seeking abortios, are criminalized. Our prisons are overcrowded and Floridians are serving severe prison sentences for crimes rooted in their race and class. We have to address public safety with public health in mind, addressing the root cause of crime through investments in our communities, repeal outdated mandatory minimums that do not work, and end the mass incarceration and detention of communities of color, and low-wealth communities.

Hard Fought Victories

Everyday people can win when we organize. Even in the DeSantis Legislature so seemingly beholden to corporate cash, when everyday Floridians expose corporate greed and push back, the corporate lobby can be defeated.

Government works. The problem is those who are leading our government are not working for us. They are working for far right extremists, corporate donors, and billionaires. We have the resources and solutions to build a Florida where all Floridians can truly be healthy, prosperous and safe.

These are hard-fought victories from just 2022. But there is still far more work ahead to ensure state leaders serve everyday people, not corporate donors.

Stop Corporate greed

Working together, coalitions of workers, renters, students and advocates were able to stop an attempt by the biggest corporations in the world to permanently cut the state’s corporate income tax– a potentially disastrous policy that would have handed out billions of dollars for the top 1 percent of Florida businesses at the expense of funding for everything from preschool to public transit.
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Increase minimum wage

Despite the Governor’s own opposition to the minimum wage increase amendment, the state budget raised the minimum wage for all state employees to $15 an hour, a massive victory workers have been organizing towards for years.

Protect Florida consumers

Everyday Floridians stopped the DeSantis Legislature from passing corporate-backed laws that would have slashed wages for government contractors, allowed predatory phony insurance companies and landlords to exploit renters who can’t afford security deposits, and permit apartment developers to convert tens of thousands of affordable housing units into high-priced luxury condominiums.
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