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Our Story

Our efforts combine the strategic and organizing capacities of diverse groups who are deeply rooted in organizing communities of color toward achieving a vision of racial, gender, and economic justice.
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Since 2014, six Florida-based organizations — Florida Rising, Florida Immigrant Coalition, Faith in Florida, Central Florida Jobs with Justice, Dream Defenders, and SEIU — have built a deep, long-term collaboration with each other across constituencies and geographies. This has given us the collective power to have a higher impact that leverages the long-term strength of our membership, capacities, and leadership toward winning governing power through durable and meaningful community organizing, civic engagement programs, and electoral victories.

Our Vision

Our efforts are grounded in a long-term theory of change built around the belief that transformational politics can shift economic and governing power toward racial and gender equity and a truly inclusive state.

In pursuit of that vision, we are grounded in three transformational goals:

Win governing power across Florida to build a coalition of statewide power.
Leverage our collective economic power as workers and community leaders to influence statewide economic decision-making.
Change structures that limit participation in democracy in order to , expand access to the ballot, and build a civically engaged, socially conscious electorate.

Our Strategic imperatives

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Expanding Democracy

Rights restoration, naturalization, expanded voter registration, fair redistricting, campaign finance reform, expanding the freedom to vote and access to the ballot.
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Building Community Wealth

Medicaid expansion, raising wages, increasing affordable housing, expanding economic opportunities and access to capital in underserved communities, low-cost higher education, solutions for the climate crisis, more mass transit, and racial equity.
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Reimagining Public Safety

Accountability for prosecutors, sheriffs, and judges; immigrant justice, ending cash bail, combating the criminalization of poverty, and eliminating Florida’s excessive fines and fees.