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Path to power

In order to create change aligned within Florida For All’s values and framework, we must develop a strong team of leaders, activists, and supporters across Florida who are positioned for power and co-governance.

What is it?

Path to Power is a statewide training program that centers on personal leadership, organizing skills, political education, and cross-sector solidarity by equipping participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to build expansive power and shift political consciousness at the local and state levels in Florida.

Who is This for?

If you are interested in learning about who broke our economy and how we might start to fix it. Or, if you are impacted by government inaction or harmful legislative actions and want to connect with other impacted people who are ready to take action to make change, then Path to Power is for you.

How to get involved

Florida For All’s Path to Power is grounded in shared values of radical inclusion, interdependence, authentic democracy, and markets that work for the common good. We organize our issue work into three system areas that require long-term transformation.
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