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Thursday 13 June, 2024

After Florida Gov. DeSantis Signs $116.5 Billion State Budget That Leaves Hundreds of Thousands in a Health Care Coverage Gap and Does Nothing to Help Renters, a Grassroots Coalition Exposes the Corporations Benefiting at the Expense of Working Floridians

New report from Florida For All Education Fund finds that the State Legislature prioritized giveaways to corporate donors at the expense of everyday Floridians facing skyrocketing rents, soaring property insurance premiums, and the nation’s highest inflation rates.

**Full Report Available at**

FLORIDA -  Just a day after Florida Governor DeSantis signed into law a $116.5 billion state budget that does virtually nothing to address the real needs of working Floridians including access to health care, affordable housing, and public safety, grassroots coalition Florida For All releases a report that exposes the billionaires and corporations that are benefiting and pulling the strings behind harmful laws. 

Florida For All investigated millions in corporate campaign contributions to Governor DeSantis and leaders in the Florida Legislature. Their report finds that legislative leadership spent most of the 2024 Legislative Session enabling corporate monopolies and extremist billionaires, handing out billions of our public dollars in tax breaks to the wealthy, and delivering no-bid contracts and multimillion-dollar infrastructure projects to their personal donors, all at the expense of working families. 

Corporate donors including Publix Supermarkets, NBC Universal, the Walt Disney Company, Florida Realtors, Florida Power & Light, Duke Energy,  private-prison operator Geo Group, Florida Blue, Wal-Mart, and developers like The Vestcor Companies are named for benefiting from new laws signed by the Governor while workers and consumers lose. 

The corresponding Heroes and Zeroes scorecard scores Florida legislators based on how they voted on the corporate-backed legislation featured in the report. While the legislators that consistently voted in favor of billionaires and corporations earned a “Zero” status, the scorecard also highlights legislators that went above and beyond to fight against corporate greed, awarding them a “Superhero” designation for scoring 100% in favor of defending the freedoms of working people. 

“The rich and the powerful — they don’t need more advocates. It’s working Floridians like us that have to decide between groceries and utilities who need fighters on our side. We are grateful for the legislative heroes who consistently stand up to corporate greed so that we can provide for our families, protect our freedoms, and fund our futures, said Renata Bozzetto, Deputy Director with the Florida Immigrant Coalition. 

“Legislative leaders could have closed tax loopholes and ensured corporations pay the taxes they owe,” said Jackson Oberlink, Legislative Director at Florida For All Education Fund. “But this session alone, Florida lawmakers passed $1.6 billion in corporate tax giveaways- the equivalent of paying for a month of health insurance for over 2.6 million Floridians or the salary of nearly 37,000 teachers. Legislative leadership continues to let corporations rob us of our freedoms, passing laws that strip workers of our rights, pollute our air and water, and price gouge homeowners and renters.”

“No matter what we look like or where we come from, Floridians believe in caring for our families and leaving things better for those to come,” said Jonathan Alingu, Co-Executive Director of Central Florida Jobs with Justice. “But for far too long, a handful of self-serving politicians have let corporations pull the strings, prioritizing their profits over our needs. They’ve tried to divide us – fueling fears based on our skin color, accent, and faith – hoping we blame each other for our challenges and not realize that our struggles are the result of policy choices made by policymakers. We have the receipts, and Floridians deserve to know whose side their lawmakers are on: the people they are meant to serve or the powerful special interests that run Tallahassee.”

Florida For All Education Fund is a statewide coalition of six organizations — Florida Rising Together, Florida Immigrant Coalition, Faith in Florida, Central Florida Jobs with Justice, Dream Defenders Education Fund, Inc, and SEIU — that align across constituencies and geographies to organize our community power and build a Florida where we all have the freedom to thrive. We are the heroes we’ve been waiting for. For more information, visit

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