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Wednesday 17 August, 2022

Florida For All Candidate Endorsements For 2022 Florida Primary Elections

Coalition backs candidates in local, county, and statewide elections who will provide solutions that best serve all communities, putting Floridians first.

FLORIDAFlorida For All (FFA), a coalition of grassroots racial and economic justice organizations, ​​has announced its slate of endorsed candidates in statewide, county and local primary elections across Florida.

With early and mail-in voting underway in races ranging from school boards, city and county commissions, and statewide offices, Florida For All is supporting candidates who will best represent and serve the priorities of everyday Floridians and working families.

During the primary election cycle, Florida For All has deployed organizers and volunteers into diverse communities throughout the state of Florida. As of today, the coalition has knocked on over 53,000 doors and made over 37,000 phone calls to hear from everyday Floridians. 

These statewide outreach efforts reiterate that the most important issues to Floridians include access to affordable housing, health care and childcare; quality public education; the freedom to vote and reproductive freedoms; fair immigration policies; protecting Florida’s environment; quality jobs and economic security; and the overall freedom to build a safe, secure and better life for themselves, their families and loved ones.

“If we don’t vote we will end up with anti-education school boards, local commissioners in the pockets of developers and big business, and statewide politicians putting their selfish aspirations for higher office ahead of the people they are supposed to serve,” said Ruth Moreno, Deputy Executive Director at Florida For All. “So It’s critical that we all get out to vote in every race at every level to elect leaders who will support our interests, our rights and our freedom to pursue our version of the American Dream.” 

Our endorsed primary candidates by county can be found on our website:

Background: Grassroots groups coalescing around Florida for All are building power from the bottom up and are ready to deliver local and state victories. Every month until November 5th, these groups are deploying an army of volunteers, canvassers, and organizers to engage with their communities in get-out-the-vote activities.

About the Florida For All coalition: We are a statewide coalition of people-focused organizations aimed at empowering hard-working Floridians with the freedom to achieve their version of the American dream and building a Florida For All. We believe that our political leaders need to start investing in Americans because when that happens, our collective potential is limitless to provide a better future for all of us.

The coalition includes Florida for All, Service Employees International Union Florida (SEIU FL), Florida Rising, FLIC Votes, and Dream Defenders.  

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