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Tuesday 08 November, 2022

Florida For All Encourages Floridians to Get Out the Vote

FLORIDA – Today, Florida For All (FFA) ​​is making our final push to turn out Florida’s voters for our people-centered candidates. Throughout the 2022 election cycle, we've deployed an army of volunteers, canvassers, and organizers to engage with their communities in get-out-the-vote activities, resulting in nearly 670,000 door knocks and phone calls, resulting in nearly 37,000 conversations to date. Voters are encouraged to vote today, as it’s the last day for this election cycle.

Roxey Nelson, Executive Vice President, 1199SEIU Florida:
“We appreciate the dedication of our partner organizations, members and volunteers who have worked so hard trying to elect leaders who will truly represent Floridians.  It’s an uphill struggle against giant corporations and their massive campaign contributions, and entrenched cynical politicians who only serve their own interests.  But if we want to protect our individual rights, secure a better future for our families and fair shot at the American Dream, we must keep fighting.  And we will, well past this Election Day, to deliver a better Florida for all.”  

“We’re doing all we can to promote our people-centered candidates over those that have been bought off by the wealthy and well-connected to maintain things as they are,” said Ruth Moreno, Deputy Executive Director at Florida For All. “Advocating for change that improves the lives of millions of Floridians is what drives us every day to work in our communities. As Floridians struggle with a housing crisis, a property insurance market on the verge of collapse, lack of access to affordable health care,  and the politicians in power enacting harmful policies, we encourage them to get out and vote anyway. We all deserve a real shot at a good life for ourselves and our families and voting is one tool in the toolbox to get there.”

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