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Wednesday 12 October, 2022

Florida For All Launches Six Figure English/Spanish Ad Buys Highlighting Extreme GOP Policies, National Political Ambitions Hurting Floridians

FLORIDA – This week, Florida For All (FFA) ​​is launching a six figure digital ad buy targeting persuadable voters throughout the state who have been hurt by Ron DeSantis, his extreme partisan policies and his own national political ambitions. The coalition has also launched a six figure Spanish-language radio ad buy in South Florida to persuade voters towards their endorsed, people-centered candidates including Charlie Crist, Karla Hernandez, Val Demings, Aramis Ayala, and Adam Hattersley running statewide.

The South Florida Spanish-language radio ads support Congresswoman Val Demings as the committed, hard-working alternative to Senator Marco Rubio. The Demings Spanish-language ads can be heard in both sixty second and thirty second spots. The ads highlighting DeSantis illustrate how Florida has become increasingly unaffordable for Floridians due to his radical policies and his self-serving national political aspirations. Listen here to the sixty second and thirty second ads.

The digital ads, in English and Spanish, will run on YouTube and across websites to spotlight how the Governor’s ambition for higher office is driving his extreme agenda that is fueling the housing affordability crisis in the state and has led to an abortion ban even for victims of rape and incest.

“Ambition” is a thirty second spot which focuses on how Governor DeSantis has attacked Floridians’ freedoms for his own personal gain.

“Ambition” can be viewed here.

“Stepping Stone” is a fifteen second spot that sheds light on Governor DeSantis’ willingness to divide Floridians in favor of the billionaires who fuel his political career.

“Stepping Stone” can be viewed here.

“Gouge” is a 30 second spot which details the affordability crisis in Florida being driven by Ron DeSantis doing the bidding of his billionaire and corporate donors.

“Gouge” can be viewed here.

“FFA works to empower hard-working Floridians with the freedom to achieve their version of the American Dream, no matter what we look like or where we’re from. We deserve better than the status quo, self-serving politicians like Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Ron DeSantis, who see Floridians as a stepping stone in their pursuit of more political power,” said Afifa Khaliq, Chief of Staff at SEIU Florida Public Services Union. “Florida needs true public servants that put our needs first and will defend the freedom to make our own health care decisions, to vote for the leaders of our choice, and to be able to pay for a roof over our heads.”

“Under Ron DeSantis and Marco Rubio, our freedoms are under attack, our housing costs have skyrocketed, and our ability to live the American Dream has diminished,” said Ruth Moreno, Deputy Executive Director at Florida For All. “While they focus on doing political favors for the billionaire and corporate donors who fund their political ambitions, they fail to do the basic job of improving the lives of the millions of people they were actually elected to serve. As Floridians recover from the devastating impacts of Hurricane Ian, it’s essential that Floridians elect new leaders solely focused on helping the people of this state rebuild and addressing the real issues we face so that we have the freedom to thrive.”About Florida For All: Throughout the 2022 election cycle, we have deployed an army of volunteers, canvassers, and organizers to engage with their communities in get-out-the-vote activities, resulting in over 75,000 door knocks, over 75,000 phone calls and over 15,000 conversations thus far.

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