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Thursday 15 September, 2022

Governor DeSantis Separates Families Already Torn Apart by Communist Dictatorships

FLORIDA -- Last night, the regime of Governor Ron DeSantis confirmed it had used Florida taxpayer dollars to charter a flight of asylum seekers including children and families, mostly from Venezuela, to Martha’s Vineyard in a brazen political stunt leaked exclusively to Fox News. According to some on the flight, they were lured from the shelter where they had been staying with promises of help getting expedited work papers before being trafficked to an unknown destination against their will.

The Florida For All coalition offered the following:

“Governor Ron DeSantis cannot open his mouth without spewing falsehoods about freedom, but the truth is he is doing the bidding of the communist dictators he claims to oppose when he separates families fleeing tyranny and oppression for a better life. For decades, the regimes of bloody despots in Venezuela and Cuba have oppressed their people and torn apart families, forcing them to leave their homes for better lives in our nation and our state. For Ron DeSantis to help these communist regimes in their plan to persecute their own people, using those who have escaped as pawns in his own twisted ambitions to run for higher office, is malevolent and disgusting. The issues facing Floridians under this Governor, basics like being able to pay the rent, the utility bill, or buying a new backpack for your child, continue to go unaddressed by a wannabe tough guy who will attack any community he believes he can exploit for political gain.”

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